Night Flight


Night Flight

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Watercolor Youkai (Japanese monster) illustration of Ubume, a mythological creature. This wall art print will add a cool taste to any room you decide to host it in.

  • Four available sizes of art print, suitable for large wall decor.

  • Great addition to your house decoration or dining room decoration

  • Giclee on high quality fine-art paper at affordable prices

  • Extra border left for easy matting and framing art

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Some days I felt like
flying away

Over the ocean, down the hill

— take a night flight

The moon scatters in the wave.

- Night Flight -

Night Flight was done with sumi ink and watercolor. It demonstrated the artist’s imagination of a safe zone. The artist dreamed to be in left in solitude and let her inspirations fly like a seagull on the ocean, without restraint or limitations.

However, artist creation is not an easy or painless process. To paint, for the artist, means to look into the secrets and fears inside herself. Therefore, she interpreted the discomfort of self-analysis with burning feathers, whereas beautiful flowers bloomed as she burnt in pain.

Night Flight, as all of the artist works, displayed a strong personalized style. The vivid color and strong texture added mobility to the painting. The artist made use of traditional Japanese decorative patterns and an overall warm tone to create this dream-like piece. The more one looks, the deeper he or she is drawn in.