Run, run, run!


Run, run, run!

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Fantasy illustration creating an intense mythological atomosphere. This wall art print will add a cool taste to any room you decide to host it in.

  • Four available sizes of art print, suitable for large wall decor.

  • Great addition to your house decoration or dining room decoration

  • Giclee on high quality fine-art paper at affordable prices

  • Extra border left for easy matting and framing art

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I do not dare to look behind myself.

The monsters are waiting.

My past, my darkness, my nightmares.

Run, run, run was part of the artist’s 2018 graduation project Daymare. The artist adapted stylistic elements from traditional Japanese illustrations and used a warm color tone to create a contrast between the heavenly atmosphere and the suffocating imageries.

In this painting, the artist interpreted how a PTSD patient felt everyday: “I felt that I had to move forward, do better, and never stop. The anxiety was overwhelming. But it was still better than the fear of getting caught up by the darkness inside me.”

Run, run, run was done in watercolor on Waterford paper, original size 14x22 inches before framing. The original is currently not for sale.