Wish Upon


Wish Upon

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Watercolor fantasy illustration of a magical character praying for the passed ones. This wall art print will add a cool taste to any room you decide to host it in.

  • Four available sizes of art print, suitable for large wall decor.

  • Great addition to your house decoration or dining room decoration

  • Giclee on high quality fine-art paper at affordable prices

  • Extra border left for easy matting and framing art

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Wish Upon was a special piece created in memorial of the artist’s family member who passed away after suffering Breast Cancer. The original of this piece was donated to Bra Cuture 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri for fundraising purposes benefiting cancer patients.

This painting was the personification of a plum tree. In many Chinese folk tales, a person will tie ribbons on the tree branch to pass blessings and express the family’s memorial of the lost one. The tree was also considered the vessel of spiritual protection, where the ancestors resided and listened to their offsprings’ wishes and whispers.

This painting was done on watercolor paper, originally 11x15 inches.