Patreon Tiers & Awards Explanation

Okay... Here we go.

I'm really nervous about this!

$1 Patreons: I'll add you to my mailing list, automatic. You will receive discounts for larger prints and be the first to know about my commission periods.

$5 Patreons (Thank you!): You will be displayed in the Patreon's Honor List under the $5 tier.  You will also be able to view step-by-step progress photos I will be posting from now on. 

$10 Patreons:  You will be displayed in the Patreon's Honor List.  PLUS 1080p timelapse video of my creation! 

$20 Patreons (*awwww*): You will be displayed in the Honor List, and receive a free small print (random!) each month, so make sure your mailing addresses are right!

(If you buy prints from my store, that will be minimum $25 + shipping.)

$30 Patreons: Everything mentioned above, PLUS an opportunity to request a tutorial video on a specific topic/subject!

$50 Patreons: 1- We are officially friends. 2- When I launch my Webtoon or story, you can have a character added under your chosen name! 3- You will receive exclusive discounts.

$100 Patreons (How do I add *heart* to this thing??): Everything. Honor's list, special thanks and dedication under each new painting/creation post. Free gifts, AND a medium-sized commission (11x15 inches)